Wall mounting a pull up bar or ceiling mount pull up bar?

By / 30 Aug, 2020 / In Uncategorized

Customers always ask where they should mount their Stud Bar pull up bar, Ceiling or wall? Unless you don’t have a ceiling, we always recommend ceiling mounting. There is no advantage to wall mounting. If your ceilings are low and you want more head room for muscle ups the ceiling always dictates head room regardless of where the pull up bar is mounted. Ceiling mounting doesn’t take up valuable wall space that can be used for storage etc. Ceiling mount takes up voided space and allows you more leg room to do L pull ups, kipping pull ups etc.

If you choose to wall mount we recommend our standard size bar which will put you 22″ away from the wall. If you prefer kipping pull ups you will need a Large Stud Bar giving you 39″ away from the wall.