Wall mounted TRX pull up bar

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Wall mounted pull up bar
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Wall mounted chin up bar









Whether your space calls for wall or ceiling mounting your pull up bar adding accessories to your bar further maximizes the fitness potential of your bar. Pull up bars are versatile offering hundreds of variations of grip,movement and muscle groups. We add TRX, pull up assist bands and gymnastic rings to our bar turning our pull up bar into a 1 stop fitness shop. If your home gym is restricted on space installing a pull up bar takes up no usable space compared to other floor equipment which holds a large footprint. Stud Bars are wall or ceiling mountable. Our standard size works perfectly wall mounted offering 22″ of space from you and the wall. For kipping pull ups and those who prefer to be further from the wall our large bars offer 39″ of space between you and the wall. Here’s a large Stud Bar wall mounted with TRX added.