Pull-up bar review

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I first want to commend your product. I have been using your chin-up bars since 2006 before crossfit went mainstream.  If it wasn’t so damn durable I would buy another one. 

Your bar has been a staple in my garage gym since 2006. I have used my share of homemade pull-up bars.  I recently purchased a stud bar and hung it in my basement.  It is by far the sturdiest pull-up bar I have used (including the Rogue rigs).  I would recommend this bar to anyone interested in having a safe/well made pull up bar.

The reason I am writing is to see if the stud bar is able to be mounted outside (in New Jersey).  I currently have an outdoor homemade bar I would like to replace with a Stud Bar if possible.

Rob Ellis

P.S. It is a pleasure doing business with a small business started by a police officer.

Wall pull-up bar

Thank you Rob we don’t hear from our customers enough! You can absolutely mount your Pull up Bar outdoors its 14 gauge powder coated steel is built to withstand an Apocalypse.