Pull Up Bar Questions About Chin Up Bars

Prior to investing in a chin up bar, like the Stud Bar, you may have questions regarding the difference between a doorway pull up bar versus a ceiling or wall mountable pull up bar. A pull up bar is an investment in yourself.  Doorway pull up bars limit arm movement and headroom.  Stud Bar is a genuine commercial quality chin up bar that allows more versions of the pull up.

What’s your health and fitness worth?

You get what you pay for especially with fitness equipment. If you purchase a garage gym pull up bar that is more usable compared to unstable doorway pull up bars you are more likely to use it. Doorway pull up bars are dangerous. Watch some you tube pull up bar fail videos. There are dozens of videos showing doorway chin up bars breaking, causing the user to fall down.

Will the Stud Bar Only Target My Arms?

Working out on a Stud Bar will not only work on your arm muscles. From your waist to your shoulders chin ups and pull ups are the most rewarding movement there is. Even your abs will get a great workout. Pull ups are truly a use it or lose it exercise. Within a week you will see results in your strength and rep counts.

What is the Different Between a Pull Up and a Chin Up?

The difference between a pull up and a chin up. There is a difference, both work different muscle groups. A pull up is done with your palms facing away from you. When you do a pull up, you will be focusing more on your back and shoulder muscles. A chin up is done with your palms facing towards you. This pull up grip focuses mainly on your biceps.

I Can’t Even Do One Pull Up/Chin Up. What Should I Do?

Don’t worry…most women and a majority of men cannot do a pull up or chin up. That certainly doesn’t mean they don’t have the ability to. Women simply don’t have the natural upper body strength that men do, for instance, but with the right focus and equipment, like the pull up assist that is available with the Stud Bar, you can be doing pull ups before you know it. Though men have more of a natural upper body strength, for most men, you don’t use those muscles in your day to day life. Our optional pull up assist bands are perfect for the beginner to advanced pull up bar user. Before you know it, male or female, you will be doing unassisted pull ups and chin ups on the Stud Bar.