Beginner Pull Ups

Finding success on a pull up bar like the Stud Bar can be challenging.  Approximately 15% of the population can actually do a pull up. For the average person pull ups are challenging and will take some time under the bar to build strength and increase reps. There are simple methods and modifications to make your pull up experience positive. Stud Bar is happy to spread the pull up bar lifestyle with people in order to help them achieve their goal of doing a pull up or chin up. Some of these hints and tips have even been mentioned on this blog. Our favorite beginner pull up is the modified pull up.

Modified Pull Ups can Build Muscle Quickly

Both regular pull ups and modified pull ups can quickly help you build up muscle in your back, forearms and biceps. There is a slight difference, however, in that modified pull ups can additionally build up the muscles specifically in your upper back, which is imperative when it comes to actually being able to do a pull up. Many people will say that modified pull ups are cheating, just like people will say that “knee pushups” or modified pushups are cheating. However, that really isn’t true in either case, as these modified versions are building your muscles in preparation for doing the real deal. Advanced pull up bar users also find they can increase chin up reps by modifying their pull ups.

How to Do a Modified Pull Up

When you do a pull up on a pull up bar like the Stud Bar, you typically will hang the bar about 7.5 feet off the ground depending on your height. You may need to jump up to the bar in order to grasp it. To perform a modified pull up you will need something to stand on. You want to make sure that whatever you are using, like a chair, step ladder or stool, is stable.

During a modified pull up, you will want to make sure that you keep your feet on a solid object the entire time. You should grip the bar and pull up slightly. You will not take your feet off the ground, instead you will thrust your body weight upward from your feet to your arms, back and chest. You are reducing your body weight by keeping your feet on the ground for support while building the upper body strength to perform a pull up.

Modified pull ups are great for women, beginners and overweight pull up bar users. Naturally women do not have the same upper body strength that men do. They can also be perfect for someone who is older and has not used their upper body strength. Modified pull ups are perfect for starters who are overweight and looking for ways to retrain their body. Diligently perform modified pull ups on the Stud Bar chin up bar and before you know it, you will be doing pull ups without the need for assistance.