Quality Made Pull Up Bar for Your Home Gym

By / 11 Jan, 2016 / In Pull Up Exercise Pullups

Are you serious about becoming a well rounded performance athlete? Do you want to have the chiseled arms, back, and core that you see in Mens Health? The most simple and affordable piece of home gym equipment you can buy is the pull up bar–one like the Stud Bar. Door frames are intended for doors not pull up bars. Watch some doorway pull up bar failure videos on YouTube and you will see their not even safe. Stud Bar is a proper pull up bar. You can’t expect to look good if your equipment doesn’t.

A High Quality Bar is Easy to Install

One reason why people tend to choose the other bars is because they think a high-quality Stud Bar might be too difficult to install. That is wrong! These pull up bars are, in fact, quite easy to install and in most cases, can be installed in a matter of minutes. After all, the holes are already placed perfectly for easy installation. If you can use a drill, you can install a Stud Bar.

You Can Add Great Accessories to a High Quality Pull Up Bar

In addition to it being easy to install, a high quality chin up bar is compatible with accessories that can add dips, rows and TRX programming to your workout. Have you ever tried gymnastic movements on a pair of rings. With the addition of gymnastic rings, you will be able to do the same types of training as Olympic gymnasts. Other chin up bars are too narrow to support accessories. Stud Bar is 48″ wide allowing wide grip pull ups and the option of accessories like gymnastic rings.

High Quality Bars are Made of High Quality Materials

When you order a chin up bar like the Stud Bar, you will immediately notice the high grade thick gauge steel it is made of. Its heavy duty In fact, this bar can hold up to 600 pounds. Competitors bars claim they can hold up to 300 pounds. However, when you see customer reviews, users who are 250 or 260 lbs. have reported that they don’t feel safe and can literally see the metal bar bending.

This is why you need a high quality well designed chin up bar. You will prosper under a pull up bar that is easy to install, fun to use and that has accessories to keep your daily workouts interesting, varied and constant.

There are a lot of cheap pull up bars out there. When it comes to pull up bars you get what you pay for. Stud Bar is a superior quality chin up bar for your home gym.