Kipping Pull Up Bar

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Love it or hate it the Kipping Pull Up made famous by Crossfit is here to stay. To some kipping is cheating for others it’s merely a method to reduce time when 21 pull up bar reps are called for. When I am not up against the clock I find dead hang pull ups offer more reward compared to the Kipping pull up. I can only do a fraction of the dead hang pull up reps compared to how many reps I can bang out while kipping reminding me the Kip requires less strength, more skill to perform. My hands will blister before my muscles will fail with the Kip. Dead hang or strict pull ups leave my muscles strained and sore where as the Kip just makes my shoulders feel stretched. I have noticed a WOD trend calling for more dead hang pull ups, I suspect Crossfit embraces both disciplines as do I. Mix it up do both depending on the goal of the day, get fit stay fit. Beware of imitators there’s only one original Crossfit KippingĀ pull up bar www.studbarpullup.comĀ 

Kipping pull up bar
Garage Pull up bar