Crossfit Pull Up Bar

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In early 2008 I was newly addicted to Crossfit which motivated myself many others to start businesses to support the need for quality garage gym equipment. I blindly sent Greg Glassman the owner of Crossfit one of my first kipping pull up bars which elicited an email from him saying,  “Your pull-up bar is one of the few original contributions to that exercise I’ve ever seen-as cool as the door gym, but several magnitudes more durable, steady, and safe. I’ve got mine, attached to my home gym ceiling and I love it. That’s how cool your bar is.” Coach Glassman’s kind words and placing our link on his site catapulted us into business overnight. We are forevor grateful to the Crossfit community and Coach for his selfless support of a small business asking for nothing in return. Crossfit has changed the fitness game and built the fittest people on earth. We at were in the right place at the right time and could not be happier to call Crossfit our calling.


Crossfit pull up bar