Garage Gym pull up bar

By / 01 Jan, 2016 / In Pull Up Bar

Prior to Stud Bar there was a huge void in the availability of a high quality pull up bar that went beyond your typical doorway pull up bar. This created the need to build your own DIY pull up bar if you wanted a larger stronger chin up bar that could mount to your ceiling or wall. I get frequent inquiries asking “Why should I buy your pull up bar when I can make my own?” My response is if spending your weekend making trips to the hardware store to purchase expensive threaded plumbing pipe and drilling unnecessary holes in your home sounds like a cost savings then you’re not putting enough value in your free time and appearance of your home gym. Your end result will not be powder coated, welded, patented or warrantied. Your home made chin up bar will not support 600 lbs or be aesthetically pleasing either.


Stud Bar is a commercial quality pull up bar that is made of welded 14 gauge steel. This pull up bar is incredibly strong and can support up to 600 pounds. Watch some of the demo videos on our website showing multiple users on one pull up bar. There is no possible way that this bar will bend or warp. In addition to the materials, the Stud Bar is strengthened with welded triangular gussets.  You can be sure that a homemade pull up bar would ever have that unless you do some serious welding. Speaking of a homemade pull up bar, most people who attempt to make one will use wood, a metal tube or pipe that they get from their local hardware store and nails or glue. The odds that those materials could hold the constant pulling weight of a person over time are suspect. Don’t risk your health while getting healthy.


When it comes to a safe user friendly pull up bar, you really have nothing to worry about when you properly install and use a Stud Bar. Our pull up bar is installed directly into your existing ceiling or wall studs, which are strong enough to support your home adding a pull up bar is not a problem. Don’t risk breaking yourself using a homemade bar is built with inferior materials. Leave the plumbing pipe under the kitchen sink where it belongs. You don’t want to be mid pull up only to find yourself falling to the ground.


You can do pull ups and chin ups on both the Stud Bar and a homemade chin up bar, the Stud Bar is the better performer and will encourage you to do more pull ups. The Stud Bar is available with must have pull bar accessories like gymnastics rings and pull up assist bands that are perfect for beginners. Both of these will broaden your movements and prevent you from getting bored.

If you are considering getting a chin up bar for your home gym, make sure it is a quality chin up bar with the proper bar diameter and finish for the correct grip providing comfort and minimizing palm damage.


Ceiling or Wall mountable pull up bar