Purchasing a pull up bar changed my life

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best pull up bar you can buy

Browsing the internet can change your life. When I came across www.studbarpullup.com a bolt of lightning struck me. This was exactly the pull up bar I had been looking for and had pictured in my mind. No chincy doorway pull up bar infomercial crap here. Fully welded no assembly required not designed around packaging constraints straight up old school beast mode Viking strong man material. I work too much, have kids, and a crazy wife making time for myself sparse. My gym membership expired the same moment my first child was born. Creating a simple low budget home gym was my only option to stay fit and avoid the dad bod. Starting with a pull up bar was naturally the most bang for my buck piece of fitness equipment. It’s versatile and offers endless options and workout variations. I like to mix up Crossfit, P90X, TRX and plyometrics as the bases of my programming. If I could only afford one piece of garage gym equipment it would hands down be a pull up bar. If you were stranded on a desert island you could get maintain a high level of fitness with only the basics, Pull ups (from a palm tree) air squats, push ups and sit ups. When my Stud Bar arrived I popped the box and was impressed with the quality. The steel was thick and heavy, the bar diameter fit perfectly in my hand not too big not too skinny. The powder coat finish was the perfect blend of grip no slip. Even the lag screws, washers and bolts included were high quality. I am very pleased I did not purchase a cheaper bar or the Rogue copy cat bar which pinches down on the bar marring the finish and not securing the bar securely as the Stud Bar design effectively does. Accessorizing my pull up bar was important to keep it fresh and keep me from getting bored. I added gymnastic rings for dips and pull up assist bands to increase my reps and to use when fatigued allowing me to keep my strength building efforts constant throughout my workout. Thank you Stud Bar for this solid piece of gym equipment best money I have ever spent. Great customer service too!