Highest rated pull up bar on Amazon.com

highest rated best reviewed pull up bar

In 2008 I set out to build myself the best pull up bar I could envision. I never imagined one day being the highest rated pull up bar at Amazon.com. Here are a few of the hundreds of customer posted reviews. Thank you all for supporting small business!

This sucker is built like a freaking tank!!! Your house will fall down around it before this gets a scratch! Super durable, doesn’t flex at all when I use it (granted I’m only 140 lbs, but I’ve had two people hang off it at once too).

Hurricane/F5tornado/apocalypse proof. Zero wiggle, rattle, or movement at all. Great system

Solid product! I just emailed customer service and they replied within 30min with answers to my questions. I would recommend it.

Epic quality!

Well built solid bar. Easy install as well.

Great chin up bar and can be used for ab exercises as well. Very well constructed and designed. Bar is perfect diameter for my hands and I have average size hands.

This product ROCKs! My kids and I have had a blast and everyone is trying to get stronger by doing more pull ups. Good product at a good price.

Small size is perfect for 8 foot ceilings. I have the bar at the 10″ level and it provides plenty of room to get my chin over. Really solid. My new favorite exercise is hanging leg raises.

This is the best damn pull up bar you can buy in my opinion. I have a finished roof in my garage, but I was able to find the studs and use the included hardware to get this thing mounted. Once this thing is tightened down, you don’t have to worry about it coming down, this thing is built like a tank. It could honestly handle 500 pounds if I had to guess. Anyway, a tip for everyone would be to make sure to soap up the lag bolts when you screw them into the wood. They advise to note use a ratchet to tighten them, but I did and it worked out great. I felt like the drill motor would have burned up trying to drive the lag bolts into the studs.

Easy to install with the instruction video,, all hardware was included,, the bar height/size was right on,, just follow the instructions for measuring & install & you’ll be very satisfied!

Doesn’t move a bit, have it mounted to the ceiling and it is awesome. Quality made and looks great in my home gym.

Nothing short of phenomenal. Don’t even think about trying to build your own or go for a less expensive unit.

This is a high-quality pullup bar. The installation was not complicated, and the bar is what the makers represent it to be. It is sturdy and well-made. To me, the bar itself is neither to thin nor too thick, and the bar has been a great addition to my home gym. This bar will allow reps for years to come.