Should I get a doorway pull up bar or a ceiling mounted pull up bar?

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When choosing a pull up bar ask yourself if your going to use it or is it going to become another dusty piece of fitness equipment that doubles as a clothes hangar? As a kid my bedroom had a doorway pull up bar mounted in it 80’s style. As an adult I wanted a more serious chin up bar to mirror my commitment to being able to lift my own body weight. When choosing a pull up bar you have to consider safety. There are countless videos showing door frame pull-up-bar accidents. Any chin-up bar that is not fix mounted is a risk. Remember watching Richard Gere use his ceiling pull up bar in American Gigolo to work his abs while rocking gravity boots? a scene later copied in Deuce Bigalow male gigolo, a must watch on youtube.

Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar
door or ceiling pull up bar