I dream of pull ups

By / 28 Oct, 2015 / In Uncategorized

I have always been attracted to the simple things in life. A pull up may be the most simple movement unequivocal in it’s judgement of your strength. Two arms pulling up mass greater than itself. Not a requirement of our day to day life however, if you ever find yourself trapped in a crevasse it would be reassuring to know you had the ability to carry your own body weight upward and survive. The popularity of monkey bars and pull up bars among children reaffirms the attraction we hold toward the simplicity of a clean and simple pull up bar. My pull up bar is the centerpiece of my garage. It hangs in a space otherwise reserved for hot air and spider webs. It beckons me to use it or lose it. We don’t recieve returned bars just short videos and narratives detailing our products lifestyle change and popularity as a simple affordable tool that if you could only own just one piece of fitness equipment the pull up bar would be the obvious choice. FB_IMG_1441733664738