Stud Bar vs Homemade Pull Up Bar

Customers frequently ask why they should purchase a manufactured pull up bar compared to building their own out of plumbing parts. Here are some reasons why I prefer my Stud Bar pull up bar over home built. Safety first, I wouldn’t hang 600 lbs off a home built pull up bar the mounting points do not offer enough spread to carry any significant load. Usefulness is important. If the products intended purpose is to carry waste water and crap then its most likely going to offer the same results as a improvised pull up bar. If its not comfortable, convenient or offer the right grip then most likely it will not motivate you to use it. Time. Your time is worth money saving a few dollars buying scrap wood and plumbing pipe does not factor in the time it will take you to build your own pull up bar. Aesthetics. No one will tell you how awesome your home built pull up bar looks.

Homemade Pull Up Bar

Stud Bar Pull Up Bar