Garage Wall Pull Up Bar

Here are some pics of my standard size pull up bar wall mounted in my garage. The standard allows plenty of space between my knees and the wall. I like the texture of your bar but since I do so many (real pull-ups, not crossfit pull-ups) I tend to need extra grip due to lots of sweat…that’s why the chalk is on there. This setup is in my home office/gym. Your pull-up bar, a set of dip bars, free weights up to 55lbs and a rowing machine are all I need. I have had 3 back surgeries in the past due to surfing and other accidents, so having a bar that is sturdy and doesn’t sag or give means a lot to me and really lets me focus on the right muscles while doing strict pull-ups. Thank you for the incredible garage gym product and customer service to match.

Garage wall pull up bar

Wall mounting pull up bar

wall mounted TRX pull up bar

wall mounting pull up bars

Taylor P.