How to mount your pull up bar to concrete brick or block

By / 07 Aug, 2014 / In Installation

Concrete brick or block is a great surface for mounting your pull up bar. Whether its a wall or ceiling application you are generally more free to mount your chin up bar anywhere you want opposed to stud mounting where the studs dictate the location your bar will go. We offer concrete lag shield anchors as an option on our accessories page. Lag shields are a simple anchor that expands when the bolt is driven into it causing the anchor to bite into whatever concrete based material it is applied to. Our anchors are 3/8″ and require a 5/8″ concrete drill bit mated to a hammer drill. If you are not handy hiring an installer may be less effort than renting or purchasing a hammer drill.

Concrete Mounted Pull Up Bar

How to install a pull up bar into concrete brick or block using lag shied anchors: