Neutral Grip Pull Up Bar

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Neutral grip pull up bar
Neutral grip pull up bar

I have always appreciated the simplicity of a straight pull up bar. There are no bars protruding outward from all angles, cluttering up the bar and knocking you out when they make contact with your cranium.

Although it’s important to me to have an unobstructed pull up bar, I still want to be able to do neutral grip pull ups. Neutral grip pull ups work your bicep and arm muscles and are beneficial to your pull up routine. To attain a neutral grip on my Stud Bar chin up bar, I simply add a pair of gymnastic rings.

The rings are not fixed,which makes it easy to adjust how wide or narrow your hand spread is. When not in use, the rings slide out of the way. The rings also allow you to move around on the bar while suspended, adding a pegboard style workout to your already endlessly versatile pull up bar regimen.

If you could own just one piece of home gym equipment, it would have to be a sturdy ceiling or wall-mountable pull up bar. With just a pull up bar and a pair of gymnastic rings, your workout options are endless—you can do everything from neutral grip pull ups to using your bar as a dip machine, all without taking up any floor space. Your ceiling isn’t doing anything for you until you add a proper pull up bar.