The Pull Up Bar That Mounts Anywhere to any surface

By / 21 Mar, 2014 / In Home Gym

Chad Hart sent us these pictures of his large Stud Bar hung in his family room. Apparently his wife is really cool. Chad’s ceilings are 10 feet tall he is 6 feet tall and opted for the 31″ from ceiling drop down setting. Chad is a repeat pull up bar owner and offered this about the new improved bar diameter and new powder coat mix that offers more hand grip. “I already have your pull up bar ceiling mounted in my garage however most of our Crossfit and P90X workouts are done in our family room where my wife and I can still be with the kids while they do homework. The new bar is easier to grip and doesn’t wear out my forearms prematurely. The amount of grip is spot on I don’t slip off when my palms sweat nor does the bar cause blisters on my palms. I would call your chin up bar perfectly refined”

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