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To understand how Stud Bar earned its reputation as being the strongest sturdiest fixed mount pull up bar available you need to look at the studs it attaches to. Once attached to opposing studs the brackets, bar and studs form a “Square” squares are one of the strongest geometric shapes making for the perfect pull up bar installation point. After installing your Stud Bar your ceiling or wall studs actually become stronger as they are no longer studs acting alone to support a load they are now working in unison through the Stud Bar. Residential homes and most commercial buildings have wood or metal studs waiting to be used as the perfect pull up bar mounting point. Stud Bar is the original “T” bracket pull up bar. We thought of everything when designing a pull up bar that could withstand Crossfit kipping pull ups while being functional and comfortable to encourage it’s use. Our bar diameter is custom order rather than off the shelf diameters that don’t fit the natural curvature of your palm. We also custom blend our hammer tone powder coating which offers plenty of grip without tearing up your palms. Stud Bars are available in varying lengths and are ceiling or wall mountable. Our design is based on strength and logic not around packaging or shipping costs as you see with our competitors. Our chin up bar is welded 14 gauge steel and comes assembled, just install and your on your way to pull up bar bliss. Our pull up bar is also mountable to concrete, brick and block. Concrete fasteners and metal stud toggle bolts are available as an option on our pull up bar accessories page as well as how to videos. Pull up bars are the go to piece of gym equipment, attach gymnastic rings for dips and rows, and rubber pull up assist bands for strength and rep building. No other garage gym commercial quality pull up bar offers more bang for the buck.

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