What’s better ceiling or wall mounting my pull up bar?

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If your residential garage gym or workout room has a ceiling within reach that works with any of our three optional length pull up bars we always recommend ceiling mounting your chin up bar. Ceiling mounted pull up bars take up less space, ceilings are generally unused compared to walls where storage and shelving may be. Most importantly ceiling mounting offers more leg room and space when mounted in the center of a room away from walls. This allows for wide berth kipping pull ups, L pull ups and gymnastic ring movements off the pull up bar as well as strong TRX bands suspension training mounting option.

Industrial buildings or commercial Crossfit boxes generally have tall warehouse ceilings where wall mounting is the only option. We solved the problem of the wall getting in the way of kipping pull ups by building a large stud bar which is 39″ away from the wall and allows for the leg room needed to kip off the wall without your feet striking the wall. All three Stud Bar sizes are wall mountable. We recommend our standard size pull up bar for dead hang pull ups and our large chin up bar for kipping pull ups.
Wall mounting offers the option of “Daisy Chaining” multiple Stud Bars together allowing for group workouts which is perfect for commercial gyms and fitness businesses. We can customize our brackets to Daisy Chain upon request.

Check out the photos below:

Wall mounted pull up bar
kidding pull up bar picture
gym quality and training pull up bar
pull up bar for the garage
ceiling mounted pull up bar