How to Prevent Blisters When Doing Pullups

By / 29 Nov, 2013 / In Accessories Home Gym

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Blisters hurt, and while they might be seen as a sort of Crossfit badge, they still hurt. Here at Stud Bar Pullup Bar, we’ve been wracking our brains to try to come up with a mechanical solution to prevent blisters while doing pullups. After all, we want you to enjoy your kipping, your WODs (Here’s looking at you, Angie!), and all of the other great activities associated with getting fit and using your body as an exercise machine.

Pay attention to your grip
By moving your grip on the bar from the middle of your palm to the base of your fingers, you can save your hands from the blisters and callouses which form while you’re using the bar. We’d rather you get the chance to work out more than get sidelined by medical issues. Your hands are precious, and should be used for something more than pullups.

Use less chalk
The right amount of chalk absorbs excess moisture in your hands, giving you a better grip on the bar. You can also be drying out your hands too much to start causing blisters while doing pullups. Keep this in mind as you’re wiping your hands down with chalk right before your workout.

Get a smaller, textured barSmaller Stud Bar Pullup Bar with Textured Grip
We’ve designed a bar with a slightly smaller diameter, one which has a more textured grip. This new bar has been received well by garage pullup enthusiasts. There is plenty of grip with no slip with the new powder coat texture. When you change your grip, you do not slip. And, with a bar that is designed to fit your hands, you can push yourself further without worrying about those callouses and blisters from your kipping and WODs.

We aim to make your experience with pullups the best that it can possibly be. While you might have sore muscles in your body weight exercises, we don’t want you to have sore hands as well. They’re not a badge, they just hurt.