Stud Bar History

By / 02 Sep, 2013 / In Pull Up Bar Testimonial

mark pullup bar startupIn 2008 Crossfit was in its infancy and I was a deputy sheriff building a home garage gym. I had a mental picture of what I thought a simple pull up bar design would look like. A Google search netted no similar products and I was struck with an epiphany to fabricate my own pull up bar. With no intentions of creating a business, the project began.

Once my first pull up bar was built it could support more than 600 pounds and was aesthetically appealing. I was convinced I had a marketable product. The pull up bar mounts to your ceiling studs so naturally it would be called the Stud Bar pull up bar.

Starting a business in the midst of a recession made a small business loan impossible. I applied for credit cards that allowed for cash advances and ordered my first container of Stud Bar pull up bars.

Once my website was built and my garage was full of pull up bars I soon realized sales would not come without some more effort. I blindly sent a Stud Bar to Greg Glassman the founder of Crossfit. He was thrilled someone finally designed a pull up bar that catered to his workout program. Here is what he said, “Your pull-up bar is one of the few original contributions to that exercise I’ve ever seen-as cool as the door gym, but several magnitudes more durable, steady, and safe. I’ve got mine attached to my home gym ceiling and I love it. That’s how cool your bar is.” Crossfit put Stud Bar’s link on their site and overnight I was in business.

Stud Bar is now patented, trademarked and has seen slow and steady growth since 2008 and remained a small business run out of my home by me.

I continue to make improvements to the bars finish and quality however the initial design has stayed the same as it is perfectly simple and can be mounted anywhere. Creating and marketing a product that promotes health and fitness is a positive business to be in.

Being a small business with no advertising budget we rely heavily on providing a quality product we can stand behind.