Modified Pull Ups

Most people cannot do a pull up on a pull up bar. Even athletes can have a difficult time if they don’t regularly perform pull ups. This doesn’t mean you can’t use a pull up bar like the Stud Bar. In fact, you can still get a great workout, build muscle, and work towards actual pull ups by taking the time to learn different methods of modified pull ups and chin ups. Because a pull up is one of the best exercises that you can do for your upper body, back, shoulders and even your core, it can be well worth your time to put in some pull up effort.

Pull up assist Bands

One tool you can use to do a modified pull up is to use a pull up assist band. When you buy the Stud Bar, you can choose to add accessories. The pull up assist is our most popular accessory.  Assist bands are basically large rubber bands which reduce your body weight allowing your arms to pull up your reduced body weight. Placing your knee or foot into the band will allow your arms, back and shoulders to pull yourself up and over the bar. Another advantage of using the pull up assist with the Stud Bar is that you can let yourself down slowly which builds the strength needed to perform dead hang pull ups.

Gymnastics Rings

Another tool that you can add to your pull up bar is a set of gymnastics rings. Gymnastic rings allow you to work out additional muscles and add more grip options. You can also do dips turning your pull up bar into a dip machine. Male gymnasts who do ring exercises are as strong as a human can be. Rings are beneficial to building strength.

Jumping pull ups

Jumping pull ups are an easy way to building up to doing your first pull up. Put a plyometric box or sturdy object underneath your Stud Bar. If your bar is low enough, simply reach up and grasp the bar. Jump upward gaining momentum and use your arm strength to finish pulling yourself up  and over the bar. You can hold yourself in the completed chin up position or slowly let yourself down. Both methods build strength. These are just a few of the ways you can do a modified pull up on your Stud Bar. The ability to perform pull ups is easily attained and easily lost if not maintained.