Why Pull Ups are the bread and butter movement to your workout

Fitness minded people know that a workout that adds variety is the best workout to do. Doing the same routine daily will not allow you to progress. If you want to see great results. The foundation of my wods is pull ups. Even if I don’t use my pull up bar for pull ups or chin ups it ads versatility to your garage gym allowing endless ab, leg and upper body workouts. Recently I hung TRX bands from my stud bar and have been enjoying the new found movements I can do using fitness bands. Purchasing a pull up bar for your home gym will motivate you to add pull ups and chin ups to your regular exercise routine. Add pull ups and chin ups to your exercise regimen to prevent boredom and dis interest in staying healthy and fit.

Adding pull ups and a pull up bar like Stud Bar to your ceiling or wall is inexpensive and easy to install. Remove excuses for not getting enough exercise by building your own home gym.  You can get explosive exercise in only a few minutes. Working out on a pull up bar requires several muscle groups at one time, Pull up bars allow you more muscle attention in a shorter amount of time.

Pull ups target major muscle groups of your upper body. Each time you do a pull up or chin up on a pull up bar, you will be targeting your back, shoulders and arms.  Additionally secondary muscle groups are also engaged, including your core and even to some extent, your legs, depending on the type of movements you perform.

Adding chin up bar exercises to your routine can help to reduce upper back pain, as well as shoulder pain. Improved posture and core strength are other side effects of pull ups. Come avoid upper back and shoulder pain from uneven muscle tone. This occurs when one group of muscles, like the chest muscles, are over trained when compared to the muscles in the back. It is important to focus on your upper body muscles equally.

Most women, and a vast majority of men, cannot do pull ups. If you are not doing pull ups the muscles required to pull you up are not being used. If you cannot do a standard pull up on the Stud Bar, there are several different types of modified pull ups as well as exercises that can prepare you for doing pull ups. Static dead hangs can be quite good when it comes to building up your muscles and prepare them for pulling up your body weight.

As you can see, there are many advantages to adding pull ups to your exercise routine. Start doing more pull ups today and see the results, tomorrow.