Pull Ups are Freedom

The Marines go through extreme training in 13 short weeks, those who go in come out fitter faster stronger. Pull ups are the back bone of Marine PT for a reason. Pull ups are the true gauge of fitness that can quickly turn you into a higher caliber athlete.

Pull Ups Build Body Strength

One of the best things about pull ups, in addition to the fact that they will tone your body, is that they also build up strength. For example, pull ups on a Stud Bar will help to build up your upper back. That will lead to the highly sought after V shape that so many athletes like wrestlers, body builders and mixed martial artists have. Another thing that pull ups on the Stud Bar will do is build up your biceps. The marines will often do their marine pull ups every other day in order to remain fit and combat ready.

Doing Marin Pull Ups

Marine pull ups are dead hang style no swinging allowed. Kipping pull ups are performed with a pendulum style swing to build momentum and reduce your body weight allowing you to perform more reps faster.

Working Out on Your Stud Bar

The Stud Bar is one of the finest pull up bars on the planet and pull ups themselves are one of the best muscle building exercises if you want a wide back and strong arms. When you add exercises like pushups to your pull ups, you will see results extremely quickly. Most people find, if they have trouble with pull ups, that their biceps simply are not strong enough. Any bicep building exercise will help so focus on those as well.

By working on your Marine Corps strict pull ups as well as other exercises on your Stud Bar like dead hangs, before you know it you will be lean, mean and strong, just like the marines you are probably looking up to. These are very easy exercises to do and also only take the minimum amount of time to see results. Nothing could be better for your body that pulls ups on your Stud Bar.