8 Reasons to do more pull ups

By / 21 Jul, 2013 / In Pull Up Bar Pullups

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Pull ups are great for building muscle and strength, but there are so many other benefits to using a pull up bar as well. Here are 8 of them.


1) Develop and stimulate muscles – One of the main benefits of using a pull up bar is that you will be able to simultaneously work on opposing muscle groups, like the triceps and the biceps, simultaneously. This helps to make them stronger and defined is a shorter period of time with less separate movements required.

2) Improve your core strength & balance – Working out on your pull up bar you are naturally improving the strength of your core. Strong cores equal better balance.

3) Pull ups are simple to do – Once you build up your strength, pull ups are a simple movement that yield amazing results. Even when you are not able to do a full pull up, modified pull ups are highly effective in their own right.

4) Every garage deserves a pull up bar – Pull ups can be done anywhere. All you need is a wall or ceiling to mount your stud bar to and you’re on your way to pull up bliss.

5) Develop several muscle groups simultaneously – Doing pull ups on a pull up bar allows you to develop several muscle groups at one time. These include the back, shoulders, arms and abs. You can add weighted pull ups to gain more strength.

6) Improve other exercises – Those who do pull ups will also find, that over time, they become better at other exercises that build upper body strength like rowing and dead lifting.

7) Cross train- If you are a lover of mountain climbing, wrestling, MMA, or any other sport that has a lot of gripping, grappling or lifting with your upper body, you will see an  improvement when incorporate pull ups.

8) Alleviate Pain and Improve Posture – Regular use of a pull up bar can alleviate pain in your shoulders, arms and back that is often caused from sitting for long periods of time throughout the day. As these muscles strengthen, your core will solidify and your posture will improve.