Mastering the Chin Up with Your Stud Bar pull up bar

We know that chin ups and pull ups are quite good for you, but do you really know why? The truth is, you can get an amazing workout once you master the chin up and pull up, which many people don’t realize, are two different exercises. Even though most people use the terms chin up and pull up, in this post, we are going to be focusing online on the chin up, as that is typically easier for beginners to do. You should know, however, that once you have mastered the chin up, the pull up is usually very simple.

Before getting into the methods of a great chin up, it is important for you to understand the benefits of this exercise. The first is, of course, that you will be building up muscle. A chin up will rely on your biceps, primarily, and you shoulders and back, secondarily. A pull up, however, will have the opposite effect. In addition to increasing the strength in you biceps, mastering the chin up will also increase your grip strength. This exercise will keep your muscles on equilibrium, help you do other exercises easier, and can ultimately improve the look and feel of your core, as well.

Though there are many benefits to doing chin ups on your Stud Bar, the one thing that everyone notices from the start is…they are not easy. In fact, many people cannot do even one chin up on the Stud Bar when they first start. If this is you, make sure you don’t get frustrated…you are certainly not alone. There are certainly methods that can be used as a beginner to help get yourself over the bar. On top of that, you can use accessories for the Stud Bar, like the pull up assist, which can help you get yourself over the bar in no time.

So how do you do the perfect pull up? You will want to start by gripping the bar and allowing yourself to be in the dead hang position. At this point, most of the strain will be on your hands as the dead hang helps to strengthen your grip. Your palms should be facing towards you, a bit further apart than your shoulders. From the dead hang position, take a deep breath and pull up. Your goal, is to get your chin over the bar, then slowly let yourself down. That’s it!

Some things to keep in mind when doing a chin up on the Stud Bar is to make sure you are not letting your shoulders go forward, keep your legs bent, ankles crossed and squeeze those glutes as you rise. Try to resist moving your hips in order to compensate for your shoulders. Not only is this bad form, it could actually cause you to strain or pull a muscle, which is the opposite of what you want to do. If you keep it up and train hard, before you know it, you whole upper body, from the waist up, will be tight, toned and strong, thanks to doing chin ups on the Stud Bar.