Lose Weight and build strength with a Pull Up Bar

Every athlete and nutritionist knows the secret of losing weight.  A diet alone can’t do it. In order to lose weight, tone up and look your best, you need to add a exercise to your day. You don’t have to run 5 miles each day or join the next Iron Man. You should be doing 20-30 minutes of exercise a minimum of three times a week. On your days off incorporate 1-2 hours of low impact cardio through cycling, swimming or using an elliptical machine.  Typically this is enough to get your body burning calories.

For Cost Effective Exercise, Install a Stud Bar Chin Up Bar

Once you install your pull up bar you may be realize you won’t be able to pull yourself up. Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone and in fact, are probably in the majority. Simply hanging from the bar and attempting to pull yourself up is the building block process of the strength you need.  If you dead hang and pull for a few minutes a day, before you know it, you will be pulling yourself upward.

Exercises to do on a Chin Up Bar

Pull up bar users are surprised by what they can do on a pull up bar. Using a chin up bar is more than simply grasping the bar and pulling your chin over it. You can effectively work all different types of muscle groups from your back and shoulders to your core, simply by changing the position of your hands or your body. For example, you can get gut busting sit ups in by hanging inverted from the chin up bar by your knees. Inverted sit ups and crunches are more effective because you are doing them against gravity with a full range of motion.

Ad accessories to your chin up bar and you will be able to perform even more exercises and movements that will to tone your entire body.

To lose weight, diet is certainly important. By cutting out refined foods, sugar and unhealthy fats and adding lean protein, fruits, vegetables and a few minutes each day on the Stud Bar, you will see positive body transformation.

To take off the pounds, a chin up bar is a great way to do it. Coupled with a healthy diet you are destined for pull up bar success.