5 Ways to Improve Your Pull Ups

If you are the proud owner of a Stud Bar and think that you pull ups and chin ups can use a bit of improvement, you are certainly in the right place. If you are someone who is obviously physically fit, you will often find that people will ask you how much you can bench, but it would be a lot more appropriate to ask you how many pull ups you can do…after all, it is harder to do pull ups than bench the same amount of weight. If you feel weak on your Stud Bar and want to improve your pull ups, try the methods, below:

1) Don’t Give In to Failure

Even if you are fairly physically fit, you may find, after installing your pull up bar, that you cannot do a single pull up. You may also find that you can do one, but after that, you are stuck. The biggest mistake that people make is giving up when they can’t get over the bar. There are many ways to improve your pull ups and even by doing dead hangs and using a pull up assistant, you can find great improvement over time.

2) Lose Excess Body Fat

Another way to improve pull ups is to lose excess body fat. Reducing sugars, simple carbs and bad fats and replacing them with lean proteins and complex carbs, you will see a difference when you combine with a bit of cardio.

3) Get the Proper Position

You can also help to improve your performance on a pull up bar by making sure you are in the proper position. Too many times people will start their pull ups in a dead hang then pull up. This can be dangerous and damaging to the scapula. Instead, when you get on your pull up bar, you will want to pull your shoulder blades down towards the ground and lock your shoulders. This also helps to build muscle because you are putting the pressure there, instead of on your ligaments.

4) Keep a Slight Bend in the Elbow

When using a pull up bar, you should make sure that you are always keeping a slight bend in your elbows. Though the bend should be barely noticeable, it can make a huge difference in the health of your shoulder, which will definitely improve your pull up.

5) Start with Your Lats

Finally, you will be able to improve the way you work on a pull up bar by initiating the pull up with your lats, instead of your biceps. When you start the pull, work on feeling the fire in the lats and not in the biceps. If you can’t find your lats or not sure where they are, have someone knowledgeable either slap them gently or keep their hands over the lats so you can become aware of them working.