A pull Up Bar Is The Only Piece of Equipment Needed For Your Home Gym

Have you been considering outfitting your home gym with a ceiling or wall mountable pull up bar like the Stud Bar? The Marine Corps PT program is based upon pull ups for a reason. No other movement requires 16 muscles. Effort and reward are quickly visible once you start your pull up plan. You will get an entire body workout with very little investment and no space hog equipment is needed. In fact, a chin up bar is one of the most effective pieces of equipment that you can choose for your home gym and using a pull up bar, like the Stud Bar, is preferred by many, when focusing on the upper back and shoulders. Why do so many people prefer chin up bars, like the Stud Bar, over lifting weights and other exercises? Read on…


One of the reasons that people prefer using a pull up bar like the Stud Bar over free weights and weight lifting in general, is safety. When lifting weights correctly, they can actually do a lot of good for the body. The problem? Most people don’t use weights correctly and most people that use them, don’t really need to. Accidents in the weight room can be quite serious and can even lead to broken bones and serious ligature damage later in life like stiff muscles and bones, as well as arthritis. None of this occurs when using a pull up bar.


Another reason that people prefer a pull up bar instead of weights is that it is a body movement that translates to a stronger core and improves posture and physique. The classic pull up exercise will help to work every muscle in your upper body from your core to your neck. You will simply not find a more effective workout for your upper body than you will find when using a chin up bar like the Stud Bar. On top to that, it only takes a few minutes per day to really see results.

Finally, you will find that anyone can use a chin up bar. If you don’t have a lot of strength, you should not lift a weight that is too heavy for you. You can strain muscles, put too much stress on your body, or worse. If you can’t pull yourself up on a pull up bar, you can use a beginners pull up assist band to help. It’s essentially a large rubber band that will help you get yourself over the bar as you work to gain strength. You will still get a great workout with the help of your beginners assistant band and before you know it, you won’t even need it anymore.
As you can see, there are some great reasons to consider a pull up bar, like the Stud Bar, instead of picking up the weights. Because anyone can use a pull up bar, because they are highly effective and because they are more cost effective and convenient there is no reason why any home gym shouldn’t have a proper pull up bar.