Pull up bar benefits

If you have been searching for the perfect pull up bar that will complete your home garage gym the Stud Bar pull up bar is available in 3 different lengths to work on any ceiling height or wall mountable. Stud Bar is overbuilt and comes with a lifetime warranty. Our pull up bar is made of 14 gauge steel and can hold up to 600 pounds as seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw-MKKaM51M. Our pull up bar is not designed around packaging or shipping costs when you receive your pull up bar there is no assembly required just installation.

It is Very Easy to Install

One of the best things about the Stud bar is that is extremely easy to install. Wood mounting hardware is included and you only need a few of your own household tools to ensure this chin up bar is installed in a safe and sturdy location. The Stud Bar chin up bar is easy to take down and move to another location. It can be mounted to the ceiling, vaulted ceiling or the wall. We put alot of thought and design into our pull up bar. The mounting holes are 48″ apart which align your existing studs. Construction code calls for studs every 16″. Installation of the Stud Bar turns your dead ceiling or wall space into a one piece gym that may just render your other fitness equipment obsolete.

You Will Get an Amazing Upper Body Work Out

Stud Bar goes beyond what your typical chin up bar can offer. Stud Bar is compatible with gymnastic rings, TRX bands and pull up assist bands making your pull up bar the most affordable, versatile and functional fitness equipment you can buy. There is no muscle group that a pull up bar with accessories attached cannot target.

It is Convenient

Stud Bar is the most versatile and affordable addition to your home gym. It only takes minutes to effectively do a Crossfit or P90X workout. Don’t swap sweat at a commercial gym build your own at home.