Creative pull up bar excercises

Once you have installed your pull up bar it’s time to put a pull up plan together. There is much more to a chin up bar than chin ups and pull ups. In fact, pull up bars may be the most versatile piece of equipment you can add to your home gym. Pull up bars ad allot of return for a nominal investment. There are many different variations of chin ups and pull ups that you can do on a pull up bar that will work different muscle groups and build up different areas of your body.

Exercises that You can Do For Your Arms

When it comes to building up your chin up reps on the Stud Bar, you have several choices in addition to the chin ups and pull ups that most people do. One of these exercises is known as the jumping pull up. Stand below the bar and jump upward using your legs to propel you upward then let your arms pull you up the rest of the way. Take your time, slowly let yourself back down, negatives builds strength as well. Another variation of the pull up that you can do on the Stud Bar is the Monkey Hang. This is a one arm dead hang that is a lot harder than it sounds! Try to hold yourself up on the bar with one arm for about 30 seconds and work up your hang time from there.

Exercises that You can Do for Your Abs

Pull up bars can also be used for ab exercises. There are several movements that can work your abs and core. If you have ever wanted those six pack abs, these exercises on the Stud Bar is how you will achieve it. One of these exercises is a hanging hip knee raise.  Hang on the Stud Bar. Keep your legs straight and slowly bring your knees up towards your face. If you are advanced, keep your legs straight and bring your feet up.

Next movement that specifically targets your oblique’s, is called a windshield wiper. Start with a dead hang raise your knees or feet up towards your head like you did with the hanging hip knee raise. This time, instead of letting your legs down in a straight line, you will let them down to the right, bring them up, let them down in the middle, bring them up and then to the left.

Pull up bars are no longer just for pull ups. The variety of chin up, pull up and ab work that can be done will allow you a varied routine and keep exercise boredom at bay. Pull up bars have seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to Calisthenic based theory’s that Crossfit and P90X have popularized.

Pull ups are challenging and fun. Install a pull up bar in your garage and it becomes an instant strength magnet that attracts people to it. I installed mine under my garage entrance so every time I walk under it I can’t miss it above my head and it beckons me to crank out some reps.