Minimize Calluses on Your Pull Up Bar

By / 17 Apr, 2013 / In Pull Up Bar Pull Up Bar Tips

When you use the Stud Bar, or any pull up bar system, you will develop a tight core, busting biceps, and your shoulders and back will be totally ripped. Not a bad deal, right? There is one issue that particularly Crossfit Kipping pull up users need to watch out for, though: calluses on their hands. Your body can be in great shape, but if you have hands that feel like sandpaper, it will certainly take away from any future workouts—not to mention the pain of damaged palms can take you out of your pull up routine. There are some ways that you can reduce the instances of sores and calluses on the hands.

Use Chalk

One of the best ways that you can minimize the chances of getting sores or developing calluses on the hands when using the Stud Bar is to use chalk. Part of the reason that calluses and sores develop is due to the constant friction of holding the bar. Your hand will begin to sweat when on the chip up bar and the chalk will help to reduce that. Chalk is messy, use it lightly, you can get the benefits and minimize the mess.
Wrap Your Bar with Tape
Another way that you can help to reduce the possibility that you will develop calluses and sores is to use athletic tape. By wrapping athletic tape around the bar, you will be able to add padding, get a better grip and reduce friction of your skin against the bar.

Work Out Gloves

Finally, you can use work out gloves when using the Stud Bar. Padded gloves will give you a great grip on the metal pull up bar and, at the same time, protect the skin of your hands. Gloves offer the most protection.

In the end, it is up to you to decide what the most important thing to worry about is. The truth is, when using the Stud Bar, or any chin up bar, you are going to develop sores and calluses which over time and use you can build a tolerance to. These methods will simply make the instance of these sores less likely. Though some calluses can help you to look and feel tough, having hands like sandpaper probably isn’t going to be the best way to pick up the ladies. However, muscular arms and shoulders, rippling biceps, and a trim physique will. If you can manage to combine some of the aforementioned techniques into your pull up bar routine, you may be able to have the best of both worlds.