Gym Quality Adjustable Mounted Pull Up Bars

By / 12 Apr, 2013 / In Pull Up Bar

If you set a goal of having a sculpted back, neck, arms and chest, a pull up bar is your one stop piece of exercise equipment, the Stud Bar ceiling or wall mountable pull up bar has been popular with the Crossfit, P90X and Insanity crowd because it is as tough as the workouts its used for. This high quality heavy gauge welded steel chin up bar will revolutionize your home gym and in no time at all, you will be noticing the muscle building gains of your work.

If you want to flex to impress, this is the perfect addition to your home gym. The Stud Bar is a gym quality pull up bar that will mount directly to your existing stud width of 48 inches. This is an exceptionally easy piece of equipment to install. You only need a drill and a stud finder to install this chin up bar, and because of its size, you will find that the Stud Bar can be used for all types of body building exercises. Forget building your own home made pull up bar only to be disappointed with the look of it we take the DIY out of your pull up bar chin up bar project.

Stud Bar is the only pull up bar available in three lengths to accommodate all ceiling heights.

The Stud Bar is available in three different length brackets that can accommodate varying home gyms ceiling heights or wall mounting options. The small stud bar is perfect for spaces with short ceilings that are about 8 feet high. The standard Stud Bar is our best seller and works wall mounted or with 9 foot ceilings. For spaces with tall ceilings over 10 feet or wall mounting to allow enough leg room to do Kipping pull ups the large Stud Bar works best. Watch our “What size Stud Bar should I order” video for more details.

The Stud Bar is Unique in the World of the Pull Up Bar

The Stud Bar has a name, the majority of pull up bars are so generically designed and poorly made they don’t even have a name. Stud Bar also has a U.S. patent. Other pull up bars don’t because there’s nothing to patent. Watch our fireman video Stud Bar can hold up to 600 pounds with ease. Another reason that the Stud Bar chin up bar is superior is our customer service. Send us an email and we respond personally and promptly. Add great accessories like gymnastic rings and assist bands that can be attached to the bar and the versatility of your garage ceiling now allows you do to do ring dips, muscle ups and rows.

If you are really serious about getting a chin up bar that actually works and has a lifetime warranty the Stud Bar should be your first choice., safe and sturdy.

The Stud Bar is a strong well built garage pull up bar that should the first piece of equipment in every home gym.