High Quality Pull up Bars

The Stud Bar pull up bar is known as one of the highest quality pull up bars on the market. Having used many different solutions over the years and also having owned the Stud Bar for over 3 years now, I can definitely say that it lives up to the hype.
If you are looking for a pull up bar that will simulate what you might find in the Marine Corps or other branch of military, the Stud Bar pull up bar is for you. The picture above shows my actual size small Stud Bar pull up bar hanging in my home gym. As you can see, it’s bolted to the ceiling with sturdy lag bolts and doesn’t move at all when using it. It also comes in three different sizes to fit your ceiling height. This pull up bar is also wall mountable.

pull up bar package

stud bar open package


The Stud Bar comes packaged in 2 separate boxes. As you can see from the pictures below, one box contains the frame and the other box contains the actual bar. It is packaged quite well so you shouldn’t have to worry about any damage. Of course, even if there is damage to the box, there likely won’t be any damage to the parts inside since they are made of 14 gauge steel.

The pull up bar comes with all mounting hardware require to secure it safely to your wall or ceiling studs. However, you will need a few additional items to make the process a little easier including a drill, ratchet, stud finder, tape measure and pencil. They provide an installation tutorial on their website. I would suggest watching this video before actually mounting it.

ceiling mount pull up bar

pull up bar mounted

Once the mounting process is done, the fun part begins; workout!

If you are accustomed to working out on a door frame pull up bar or other type of flimsy solution, you will be in for a real treat the first time you use a Stud Bar pull up bar. Not only is it more sturdy, but also wider than most pull up bars, allowing you to do a broader range of exercises.
Overall, the Stud Bar ceiling or wall mountable pull up bar has been the best product I have found for doing pull ups in your home gym. I am serious about this exercise and use my pull up bar nearly every workout. Whether I’m using it for pull ups, P90X or anchoring my TRX bands, it’s the most used and versatile piece of equipment in my home gym.

If you have ever been to Marine Corps boot camp and experienced the Marine Corps pull up bars hanging in the barracks, this one is very similar. It’s sturdy and feels good in your hands allowing you to get a great workout. I highly recommend purchasing this pull up bar, it is well designed and stronger than it needs to be.

pull up bar mounted on ceiling

ceiling pull up bar