Wall mounted kipping pull up bar

My buddy helped me install the bar on the block wall in my garage instead of the complicated stud situation. It turns out to be a better fit because as I set up my own cross fit area in my garage, the bar on the wall has it’s places and I can do moves and stretches with wall assist or not.

I went to my local hardware and got some 3/8 X 3″ tap-cons and a 5-16″ drill bit for the pilot holes and it sealed the deal. The bar is very sturdy. Granted I weigh about 160 lbs, but it easily supports all the acrobatics I’ve been doing on the bar. I’m 6 feet tall, and when i hang on to the bar, my feet are about 2 or 3 inches from the floor. I set it up that way because I like to hop and grab the bar.
– GC Koupaki

large wall pull up bar
Garage wall pull up bar
Block wall pull up bar
brick mounted pull up bar